Fall 2012

After a hot and dry summer, we look forward to the relief of a Missouri fall. Even if it does begin with unseasonable heat, we know that cool autumn afternoons will soon work their magic on our troubled spirits.

Fall is a wonderful time to travel and to enjoy the many pleasures of the Show-Me State, and computers serve as an excellent tool to plan that exploration. To aid you in your computer travel, I’ve researched a few Missouri websites for you.

With school starting, many parents are thinking about the cost of higher education. Our state is blessed with many fine colleges and universities, including a very special one—College of the Ozarks (
www.CofO.edu/). Hard Work U, as it is sometimes called, offers students the opportunity to complete their college degree with no debt. Students work on the beautiful campus for their room, board and tuition. The college is located at Point Lookout, a little south of Branson (www.ExploreBranson.com).

When traveling to College of the Ozarks, be sure to stop by the Keeter Center (
www.KeeterCenter.edu). The center includes a gift shop, luxury rooms and a wonderful restaurant that offers a Sunday Buffet Brunch or menu dining. On a recent lunch visit, Paige, a typically friendly sophomore from Ozark, made our dining experience a delicious pleasure.

One of the long time presidents of the college was a minister named M. Graham Clark. Near the end of his long life, Dr. Clark was scheduled to have some fairly serious surgery. The evening before the surgery, the hospital staff told Dr. Clark that the hospital chaplain would come and visit with him if he wished. Dr. Clark said; “Sure, I have some time. I’ll be happy to help him out if he needs it”. My SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) chapter is named after Dr. Clark, You can visit us at our website at

Missouri’s harvest is beginning to include more and more grapes. Before prohibition, Missouri was the leading U.S. producer of fine wines. That reputation is now returning as more and more wineries are opening in Missouri. One of them is Bushwhacker Bend here in my city of Glasgow. You can visit them IRL on Main Street or on the web at their nicely-designed webpage
BushwhackerBend.com. The owners are friendly, the Missouri River overlook is beautiful and the wine is excellent.

Until November, we will find ourselves in another campaign season to select a president and other office holders. There’s no better time to visit the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum both on-line (
www.TrumanLibrary.org) and IRL in Independence. In addition to serving as a planning tool for a real visit, the website also provides a great number of free lesson plans submitted by Missouri teachers.

I have visited the Abraham Lincoln Library in Illinois (yes, I do leave Missouri occassionally), about a five-hour drive from the Truman museum. I recommend visiting both IRL, but not on the same day.

Be safe on both the real highways and the cyber highways as you explore Missouri. Our paths may cross while dining in Branson or checking out an exhibit at a museum. Or perhaps we can sample a glass of Norton at a Missouri Winery.

Summer 2012

We all enjoy the hot afternoons and the long evenings of summer, with the smell of freshly-mowed grass and barbecue. Summertime is the time of vacations, family visits, picnics and good times. Travel is a traditional part of a Missouri summer, and I’ve researched a few destinations to help you get in the mood to go somewhere.

If you want a great travel app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you can do no better than to go to iTunes and purchase the Show-Me Missouri app for the low price of $2.99. One reviewer describes it as “my own little tour guide”. Maps will help you navigate to the many listed destinations. The app is one of many travel apps developed by Sutro Media. Show-Me Missouri contributor Diana Lambdin Meyer is author of two other Missouri-related Sutro apps—Kansas City Uncovered and St. Louis Uncovered. All three apps explore both the well-known and sometimes hidden gems and include hundreds of photos of various attractions within the Show-Me State.

If you are traveling with kids, they are very likely to want to visit an amusement park. Missouri has several scattered across three corners of the state. If you are near Kansas City, you may want to check out Worlds Of Fun at
WorldsOfFun.com/. Information on the main theme park and the adjacent water park is readily available.

For St. Louis area visitors, consider a visit to Six Flags St. Louis. The website, located at
SixFlags.com/stlouis/tickets/index.aspx, includes descriptions of the rides and available discounts.

Silver Dollar City’s site at
SilverDollarCity.com details the parks numerous rides and annual festivals. The site also includes photos that are sure to entice online visitors to make the trip in person.

Almost everyone loves to cook out during the summer, and some folks get really serious about barbeque. If you are one of those, you should check out “Smokin On The River," a KCBS (Kansas City Barbeque Society) sanctioned barbeque contest held at Glasgow, MO. The web page at
JYMiller.net/zzglasgowBBQ.html has more information and pictures. I’m on the committee that puts this one on, so if you come, you may see me helping contestants get their entries turned in by giving golf cart rides from their cooking sites. There will be a dance and fireworks, too!

Of course, summer in Missouri would not be complete without baseball. Thanks to my son, I was able to attend the Cardinal’s home opener this year. It rained and the Cards lost that one, but I got to see Cardinals Hall of Fame members and the great opening ceremony. You can visit the Cardinals anytime at

I hear that there is another major league team in Missouri, as well. The Royal’s (
KansasCity.Royals.mlb.com/index.jsp?c_id=kc&sv=1) will be hosting the MLB All-Star Game in Kansas City in July.

Also near Kansas Cty, at Independence, is a historical site revered by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Missouri did not welcome her early Mormon visitors, and church founder Joseph Smith spent four months in the Liberty Jail. Upon his release, the church moved to Utah. Today, the church has a museum and other buildings at the old Temple Lot site. A slideshow of the reconstruction of the jail can be found at

Wherever you visit in Missouri this summer, have a great time and be safe on the roads. Perhaps we’ll share a car on a theme park ride, or maybe we’ll be able to share some barbeque by the river in Glasgow. If not, perhaps we’ll just cross electronically on the Internet.

Spring 2012

The winter has been mild and now we look forward to spring, which symbolizes new beginnings and new life. It is a perfect season to get out and see new things in our great state of Missouri. We love to travel IRL (In Real Life), but virtual travel can be a excellent way to enjoy the world when hitting the road just isn’t possible, and it’s a perfect way to plan future trips.

BigBoysFamilyRestaurant.com/BigBoysRestaurant is in an early state of development, but their restaurant, itself, is serving all you can eat fried chicken dinners at Wright City. The food and staff are very much like the old Big Boy’s that many remember. In fact, the owner was a waitress in the original that was opened in 1924. She worked there much later as a teenager.

Hunters among our readers may be looking forward to spring turkey hunting, and the Missouri Department of Conservation provides plenty of information about regulations and safety at
MDC.mo.gov/hunting-trapping/turkey/spring-turkey-hunting. The site includes information about a great wild game cookbook and a link to a great collection of wildlife photos.

Missouri has many caves and springs, and there is a common fascination with these natural features. You can learn the history of these natural landmarks at
www.mospeleo.org/ozark_caving/springs/jspring.html. The page includes some great photos and interesting facts and safety tips.

Sports and the University of Missouri are always hot items for Missouri residents. Living fairly close to Columbia, we are often involved in the traffic from MU athletic events. My son is an ardent MU fan and a sports fan in general. Recently, on a weekend visit with his family, I was able to watch my grandsons play hockey and basketball. We also watched the Tigers defeat Kansas in basketball on television. Schedules for all MU sports teams, as well as athletic information, ticket prices, rules for attendance, parking suggestions and dining recommendations can be found at the official university website at
www.Missouri.edu. Of course, the page also has MU calendars, academic information, and much more.

Spring and summer sports for some of us include competitive cooking. The Kansas City Barbeque Society’s website at
www.kcbs.us has a wealth of information about barbeque, including a schedule of contests. You can find my name on the list of certified judges and read the certified judge’s oath in which contest judges promise to strengthen and preserve “…truth, justice, the American way of life, and excellence in barbeque”. If you visit Glasgow’s “Smokin’ On the River” contest, look me up to say hello. I’ll be there helping with the contest. Information on the Glasgow cookoff can be found at www.jymiller.net/zzglasgowBBQ.html.

Missouri-vacations.com promotes the Arcadia Valley and Black River Recreation Area. You can learn about the Mark Twain National Forest, campgrounds, music festivals and more. While on the page, don’t miss the great video. You can also download a free vacation travel guide.

Wherever you travel this spring, be careful and enjoy life. Perhaps you and I will cross paths either IRL or on the internet. I might be eating chicken at a restaurant or judging barbeque at a KCBS contest.