Winter 2015

Missouri weather can be like a fickle lover: one day soft and warm, the next offering only a cold shoulder.

We will get our share of those cold nights, but don’t forget the beauty of a Missouri field clothed in its white gown or the fresh taste of the air after a cleansing snowfall. Winter is a good time to sit by the home fires and plan for future trips. Of course, winter also gives us calm afternoons when it is perfect to take a trip to enjoy the state’s winter attractions.

To help you plan those trips from your computer on a snowy evening, I’ve scouted some websites. Even if you don’t make the drive, a virtual trip can be just as fun.

Certainly the highpoint of the winter season for most of us is Christmas. This page ( describes Christmas in the Arcadia Valley, located only 80 miles south of St. Louis. The Christmas festival runs from Thanksgiving through December 5 and ends with a big lighted Christmas parade. It sounds like fun, and just looking at the page may get you in the holiday mood.

For someone concerned about highway travel in the winter, perhaps a trip by train would be fun. Amtrak offers the Missouri River Runner which travels daily between St. Louis and Kansas City with stations along the route. Learn more about it, check on amenities and buy a ticket at I’ve long wanted to do a train trip and seeing the snowy Missouri countryside from the comfort of a coach seat sounds like a blast. Especially since they offer a 20 percent discount during the winter months.

Missouri Department of Transportation’s highway condition page at is handy to check anytime, but it is especially useful during periods of bad weather. It displays road closings, winter road conditions and construction delays at a glance. It is certainly worth checking before departing on any trip. Excellent winter travel tips are available at

I don’t have a webpage for this one, but I promise that you will enjoy it if you travel IRL to Glasgow for the Olde Tyme Christmas Parade, as it features numerous events downtown, including a lighted nighttime Christmas boat parade (held on the street). I’m pretty sure that Santa will be on hand. During the evening American Legion Post 211 ( will be serving soup and chili downtown at the Columbian Hall. My friend John Schaeffer and I will be doing the cooking. I promise it will be good, and if you don’t agree, we will give you a second bowl This event is always held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Do your kids ever say; “I’m tired of winter, I want to go swimming.” If they do, information about three indoor water parks can be found at Oh, the weather outside may be snowy, but these parks offer a tropical getaway.

Wherever you travel this winter on the internet or IRL be safe and careful. I don’t think we will run into each other at one of the water parks, but you may see me serving soup. If you do, please say hello.

Until our paths do cross, have a great Missouri winter season.