Winter 2016

We are so lucky to have the full range of seasons in Missouri. Spring delights us with new life and green leaves. Summer brings roasting heat that makes time spent in the shade a welcome delight. Fall brings colorful leaves and great times outdoors.

And then comes winter—nature’s resting time. While our children play in the snow and we shovel it from walks and driveways, Missouri’s plants wait for the next cycle of seasons as they rest peacefully.

Here in Glasgow, the nights have already begun to grow cold and the wind blows those beautiful leaves onto my patio as fast as I sweep them away. Winter is coming.

Unlike the plants, we humans still like to get out and move around to enjoy Missouri in every season. In order to help you do this, I’ve researched some Missouri destinations on the internet that can help you plan a trip or just travel from the comfort of your home.

I just returned from a visit to Kansas City where I presented a program on the Battle of Glasgow to a Civil War Roundtable group. While in the city I visited Union Cemetery, which can be found online at The graves of George Caleb Bingham, Satchel Paige, Alexander Majors, Gen. Jo Shelby and Bloody Bill Anderson can all be found here in Kansas City’s oldest cemetery.

Alexander Majors was one of the three founders of the Pony Express. You can learn more about him at the Pony Express Museum in St. Joseph or visit The Pony Express only operated for 19 months before the telegraph put it out of business. Majors, William Russell and William Waddell ceased operation on October 26, 1861.

Satchel Paige is perhaps the best known of the baseball players in the Negro Leagues. His large gravestone had many baseballs resting on it that had been left by admiring visitors. You can read more about him on the official Satchel Page website at or you can visit the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

John Donaldson was a great left-handed pitcher and a man of strong character and moral values. There is currently an effort to have the Glasgow native recognized in the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame ( and the MLB Hall of Fame (

While in downtown St. Louis, I have often visited the Basilica of Saint Louis, King, more commonly referred to as simply “The Old Cathedral”. It is the oldest church in St. Louis, with a history that begins in 1764. Visitors of all faiths are always welcome to the Cathedral, which is an active church with masses, wedding, funerals and other services. Its website at includes some beautiful photos of the church, the history of the Cathedral, the weekly bulletin and a schedule of times you may visit.

In any weather, I love root beer. Some of the best root beer is made in Missouri by Fitz’s Premium Root Beer ( When you visit the company’s Delmar Blvd location in St. Louis, you can watch products being bottled while enjoying a “bottomless mug”. If root beer is not your thing (I can’t imagine), the company bottles 12 other beverages, including key lime and pumpkin. I’ll just stick to root beer, thanks.

As always; when you travel either online or IRL, please use care and stay safe. If the night is snowy and cold, your best bet might be to stay in your home with a nice hot drink and travel on the information highway through your computer. You can plan for an IRL trip for the next sunny winter day.