Summer 2016

Good ol’ summertime! Picnics, baseball, watermelon, and hot summer days followed by warm summer nights.

Summertime is also a time for vacations and travel in Missouri. We can use our computers to plan our trips and, on a hot afternoon, we can travel our state through the computer screen while resting in the cool of our own homes. I have searched for a few URLs to help you to do both.

Last issue I quoted a song (and miss-attributed the lyricist). I do like the blues and a lot of other music, and I am excited about a new museum in downtown St. Louis. The National Blues Museum just opened on the first of April, and it includes a theater, lots of exhibits and public programs. The aim is to educate and to entertain. You can learn more about them at the museum in this issue and at

The museum is pretty close to Busch Stadium so you might want to combine your visit with an afternoon with the Cardinals. If you don’t go to see a game, you might still enjoy the stadium tour. I’ve done it, and seeing the press boxes and all the behind the scenes things on the tour is a treat. Learn more at

I do know that there is another baseball team in Missouri, and they just happened to win the World Series. You can make a Royals visit at My wife is going in person with the second, third and fifth grades to catch a Royals game on her birthday. If you see her keeping up with a bunch of kids on “Kids Day” during the Royals-National game, wish her a happy birthday.

Did you have a treehouse when you were a kid? Lots of us did, but they likely fell far short of the luxury offered in these vacation lodgings at Tree House Cabins is located near Dora, not too far from the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum. I won’t attempt to describe the cabins, but you can see photos on the website. They are beautiful.

I have visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder site in person, and I would recommend it, even if you were not a “Little House” fan. includes a lot of information and photos. The museum is located at the final home of Laura Ignalls Wilder in Mansfield, where she wrote the “Little House” books.

St. Louis is the “last city of the East” and Kansas City is the “first city of the West”. A list of ten fun things to do in Kansas City can be found at They all look like fun to me. I’ve done some of them and am interested in most of the others. You can read about the Plaza, museums, a great zoo and the recovered steamboat Arabia. I can’t help it, I’m singing “Kansas City” while I’m typing this. “Kansas City” was written by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller. I like the Wilbert Harrison recording though many others covered it, as well.

Now for something a little different. If you are a fan of Santa Claus, you might want to go to Branson in July for the 10th annual Santa Claus convention. A discription is available at They have many Santa-related activities and a red suit parade with “thousands of Santas”. I hope those are the lightweight summer suits. Regular readers know that I love Branson (and Santa), but it can get pretty hot there in July.

I hope you have a great summer in our beautiful Missouri. When traveling, either IRL or on the internet, please be careful and have a good and safe time.