Fall 2017

Once again, the seasonal clock moves to winter. Every year, it seems to me that the seasons change more and more quickly. The good thing is that here in Missouri each season offers us a fresh view of our beautiful state.

Winter means a rest period for nature. Snug beneath a winter blanket of snow, she prepares for the season of growth that will be here before you know it. We continue with our work days and hope to find time to enjoy friends, long evenings in a warm place and a bit of travel.

To aid you in planing your winter travel or to help occupy some of those long evenings, I have searched out some winter-related web sites for Missouri travel.

When traveling on our Missouri highways, one should always be careful. This is even more important in winter. The Missouri Department Of Transportation offers winter safety tips and road closure maps at MODOT.org/road_conditions/winterdrivingtips.htm.

Even in the winter, many young people and some of us seniors still like to frolic in the water. If that is your thing, one of Missouri’s indoor water parks; foudn at blog.visitmo.com/missouri-indoor-water-parks-make-awesome-vacation/, would make a good winter destination.

Bird watching is a popular pastime. Some do it very seriously with binoculars and life lists, while others just like to watch the birds. Washington University in St. Louis has this page: https://pages.wustl.edu/mnh/winter-birds-missouri, which should appeal to both kinds of birders. It has information on winter birds and many beautiful bird photos.

Regular readers of this column know that I like Branson. ReserveBranson.com/travelguide/things-to-do-in-branson-during-winter/, lists some of the things to do in Branson during the winter season. Most of the shows have Christmas programs, there are special decorations and there is always shopping.

Of course, most of us will spend a good deal of time at home during the winter. I’ll be here in Glasgow for family dinners and city activities. If you can visit me on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I’ll be cooking chili and soup at the American Legion supper during our Old Time Christmas night parade with lighted floats. It is all you can eat for a free will offering. Check out the city web page at Glasgowmo.com/index.html.

During the times when Missouri travel either meant horse and wagon or a riverboat, there were many steamboat accidents on our rivers. One of these was the steamboat Arabia, which sank in the Missouri River near Kansas City. The boat, loaded with “everything needed to set up a general store,” sank in 1846. In 1988, she was excavated from deep beneath a soybean field (the river had changed course) and a museum was established to display the boat and many of the items she carried. I enjoyed visiting the Steamboat Arabia Museum IRL, but the musuem’s webpage at 1856.com/ is a treat, as well. That is a record for short URLs, but it is a full webpage with lots to show.

Every Missourian should visit our State Capitol in Jefferson City. It covers three acres and contains many murals and beautiful art and history displays. Guided tours are available on most days. You can see a lot of the Capitol at Capitol.mo.gov/. The site includes many photos and digital tours.

Have a great Missouri winter while enjoying our beautiful state. We may cross paths on the web or even IRL. If you should see me in Branson or serving chili in Glasgow, be sure to say hello. Until then, be safe, and enjoy your travels.

J.Y. Miller lives in Glasgow and is a regular contributor to Show-Me Missouri. His e-mail address is jymiller@ShowMeMissouri.net.