Fall 2013

As we approach the fall season, looking forward to the changing colors, football and those crisp evenings with friends, perhaps some travel is in our plans. If we are on the road IRL or only through our computers, Missouri has many charming places to visit.

To assist, I’ve collected some websites for your fall surfing pleasure.

Do you feed hummingbirds? These colorful visitors feed at my porch feeder all summer. Right now they are stocking up on energy for their annual southward migration. The Ruby Throats will be gone by mid-October. You can find out where they go and how to make your own feeder and nectar on this Department of Conservation webpage at mdc.mo.gov/discover-nature/outdoor-recreation/backyard-bird-feeding/attracting-hummingbirds. They are very aggressive little birds and fun to watch as they zoom around the feeders.

At my home in Glasgow, we are lucky to have easy access to events in Columbia and Jefferson City. Of course, Glasgow has a lot to see, as well. Check it out at www.glasgowmo.com/.

Still, it is nice to get “out of town” from time to time. We often make the short trip to nearby historic Arrow Rock. Visit www.ArrowRock.org for a schedule of tours and events. You can see the home of Missouri artist, George Caleb Bingham and the home of Dr. John Sappington, who pioneered the use of quinine as a malaria treatment. The museum is full of historical information including the Boone Salt Factory that was located just south of Glasgow. View photos at MoStateParks.com/park/boones-lick-state-historic-site.

Of course, the jewel of a visit to Arrow Rock is the Lyceum Theatre, a professional theatre in a delightful setting that will entertain you. Each season, the theatre presents a variety of plays ranging from musicals to comedy to drama. Check out this season’s offering at www.lyceumtheatre.org/season.php.

OK, now it is time for a quick history test.
Question 1: Where can one visit a church originally constructed in 1200, destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1670, bombed during a war and rebuilt again in 1967?
Question 2: Where can one visit a section of the original Berlin Wall?
Question 3: where can one visit the site where Winston Churchill delivered his famous “Iron Curtain” speech?

The answer to all the questions is Fulton. You can read about all of this and more at www.NationalChurchillMuseum.org. After a visit to the webpage, I know you will want to make an IRL visit to the museum and the church in Fulton.

Now, how about a chance to get some exercise, see some beautiful scenery and spend some quiet family time. Have you considered a Missouri float trip? Missouri State Parks lists five great short float trips at mostateparks.com/blog/state-parks-stories/59159/five-fabulous-fall-floats. Fall is a perfect time for this adventure, since the streams are less crowded, the scenery is at a peak and the weather is cool enough to enjoy the rivers without the extreme heat. Oh, yes, there are fewer annoying bugs, as well.

A highlight of the fall season is the traditional Halloween activities involving pumpkin carving, corn mazes and the like. Visit www.pumpkinpatchesandmore.org/MOpumpkins.php to find activities near you and discover some hints on carving and caring for your pumpkins.

Be safe wherever you travel, and be sure to offer me a helping hand if you see me trying to find my way out of a corn maze.

J.Y. Miller lives in Glasgow and is a regular contributor to Show-Me Missouri. His e-mail address is jymiller@ShowMeMissouri.net.